First Coast Naturists

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First Coast Naturists

A Traveling Nudist Club

A Traveling Nudist Club

A Traveling Nudist Club A Traveling Nudist Club
First Coast Naturists

A Traveling Nudist Club

A Traveling Nudist Club

A Traveling Nudist Club A Traveling Nudist Club A Traveling Nudist Club




About us

Our Charter


WHAT WE ARE : We are a nudist group. We are adults, We have  fun. We joke, We flirt, We laugh. We are like any other group of adults  when they get together except we prefer to be nude when we do anything!  In this club, we try to incorporate nudity into everything that  "textile" folks do like going to the beach, gardening, bowling,  swimming, dancing, Bunko party, wine and cheese parties, camping, and  yes, nude Karaoke. We are adults from every walk of life, every income  level, every race and creed and every religion or those without  religious ties. We have members from every sexual preference and every  sub culture lifestyle.

What we stress to our members new and old, the only thing you  should ever assume about fellow members in this group is: they are  nudists, proceed with care. Conversations about politics, religions, and  other subjects which can cause offense or cause someone to be  uncomfortable are discouraged. We are all adults. Use common sense.

We are an a American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) chartered club. Please go to for additional information about social nudism and what it is, what it isn't and what to expect.

What We are not:


WHAT We are NOT:  Our essential and primary function is to  provide nudist opportunities for our members, doing the same things  Textile folks do, except, we do it sans clothing. What our members do  after hours, in their own privacy is NOT the business of this club (or  any other club), That being said, we are not a swingers group.

We practice non-sexual , ethical nudism at our club events, We're  grownups. We are not hypocrites, nor are we naive. We assume that our  members are just like any other group of adults. We adhere to and  believe in the tenants of social nudity, as expressed by the American  Association for Nude Recreation (AANR). Nude is not lewd. Sexual activity,  sexual touching, and lewdness is not tolerated at our events. Touching  others in an unacceptable way (especially when it's unsolicited) will be  grounds for your expulsion. Overly prolonged PDA (public display of  affection) will get you a tap on your shoulder and you'll probably hear  "get a room" . That statement is not meant to be's a nice way  to say." Stop what you are doing, you've crossed the line". We should be  able to take our club to any destination and be proud of the behavior  of our members, which should be beyond reproach.  Simply stated, except the fact that you are nude, your behavior  should be no different that you would display around your own kids, your  mother, your sister or your grandmother.

Who we Seek


WHO WE SEEK: This is a place for naturists and nudists  (there are subtle differences between the two) to meet, greet, and have  fun in our birthday suits. There was definitely a need for another club,  more inclusive, in the greater Jacksonville and the First Coast Florida area.  We do not exclude anyone because of their sexual preference, race,  income level or their subculture lifestyle preferences. We don't just  choose "pretty people" or people who can benefit the club with  connections. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. We like to think we  choose folks who are lively and fun to be around, and folks we would  want to be around clothed or naked.

We are a highly social group. If you are an introvert, you can  come out of your shell. Around us, you won't have time to bury your nose  in a book.

We are NOT a cyber group. We are real people, if you have come to  this site from prurient curiosity and wish to leer at photos, you will  be sadly disappointed. Photos of events are for the most part are  prohibited anyway except in very controlled circumstances. Please leave  joining for those few who wish to shed clothes and be discreetly  comfortable with others. We do not want ranks full of posers or  wannabees who want to observe from a distance.

We do not want Shadow or "Ghost" members. Other clubs gleefully  collect due from folks they will never see. We don't. The dues here are  to support the club and club functions, not build up a bank account. We  will NOT accept your dues if you are not a participating member. If you  do not participate on a regular basis, we will assume you have lost  interest or have other things going on in your life preventing your  participation. You likely will be dropped after a while, but, you are  always welcome back if things change in your life, let us know. 

Because we encourage regular participation from our members, we do not normally accept membership from folks outside our immediate geographical area, which basically consist of about a 60 mile radius of Jacksonville, Florida.

Additional Information

We are a based group in Jacksonville Florida. We are a non landed club, meaning we do not own a resort or land. We travel and support the nude resorts in Florida, enjoy the nude beaches here in Florida, and thankfully we have members who are able to host parties and get togethers in their homes (members only). To contact us, please register at and then do a search for nudes within 25 miles of Jacksonville, Florida. Registration at Meetup is free, but again we usually only accept members who live within a close proximity to Jacksonville, Florida. 

For the latest Meet and Greet date, please go to Please read  "about us" on our Meetup site for additional information about joining. Single and solo men must attend a Textile public event before we will grant membership.


Gators Dockside , 8650 Baymeadows Road, Jacksonville, Fl 32244

Friday 13 March 2020 6- 9Pm

Come meet social nudists and learn about our meetup group. Wear clothes!!